Last week, The Coffee Club rolled out its exciting new menu! New fresh and innovative meals that are also ‘on trend’ have been introduced, whilst customer favourites such as the Chicken Club Sandwich and Salmon & Avocado Stack have been kept on the menu.

The new menu has been developed with a focus on both health and flavour, with the new recipes and flavours inspired from the latest food trends as well – the Creamy Mushrooms on Ciabatta, French Toast with Banana and Butterscotch and Southern Fried Chicken Dippers are just some of the exciting and delicious new meals now available on the menu for kiwis to enjoy. 

A large portion of the new menu is made up of both vegan and vegetarian options – this is a growing trend as people are increasingly becoming more health conscious and seek plant-based foods. Vegan options have been available on the menu at The Coffee Club for a few years already however, because of this growing trend we have expanded our vegan menu to cater and appeal to a wider variety of tastes within this category. The new vegan meals available on the new menu now include:

Acai Smoothie Bowl
Acai berry superfood smoothie, banana, mixed berry, toasted muesli, pumpkin seeds


Vegan Chicken, Pumpkin & Mushroom Pizza
Napoli sauce, vegan cheese, vegan chicken, roast pumpkin, mushrooms, vegan chipotle aioli, basil


Vegan Chicken Ciabatta
Toasted ciabatta, vegan chicken, Asian slaw, crispy shallots, ginger & miso dressing, vegan chipotle aioli, vegan cheese


Garden Veggie Flat Grill
Toasted tortilla with roast pumpkin, baby spinach, green tomato relish, tomato, red onion, kalamata olives and vegan cheese. Served with seasoned chips


Vegan Chicken Salad
Tender vegan chicken tossed in fiery sauce and sesame seeds, Asian slaw, fried shallots, crunchy rice noodles, coriander, mint, ginger and miso dressing


The new dishes will accompany the existing vegan meals including the Potato & Herb Vegan Rosti Stack, Grilled Pesto Bruschetta and Loaded Veggie Ciabatta.


By popular demand, recent promotions have also been reintroduced to the new menu, such as the Popcorn Shrimp Soft Shell Tacos - now also available as a meat option with Beef Brisket.


Additionally, two new customer favourite Flat Grill flavours have also returned on the new menu – the Chicken, Bacon & Camembert and the Garden Veggie Flat Grills are now available again, in addition to the existing Chicken, Pumpkin & Pesto Flat Grill.


Meet The Coffee Club’s exciting new menu, now available at all 66 locations throughout New Zealand.

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