The Coffee Club's exciting new menu has arrived across its 55 cafe and restaurant stores throughout the country.

The new menu takes inspiration from the hottest food trends of 2015; chic burgers, trendy salads focused on both health and flavour and breakfast items that are equally at home on the dinner - or "brinner" - table.

"A great deal of thought has gone into creating the perfect combination of dishes for our new menu," says Director and Marketing Manager for The Coffee Club NZ Andy Lucas. "There has been a strong focus on using quality, flavoursome ingredients to create delicious dishes that we are very proud to be able to offer our customers."

The stars of the new menu include the BBQ Pulled Pork Burger, Asian Calamari Salad, Baked Brekkie Hot Pot and Signature Chicken Parmigiana. It also features a range of both savoury and sweet Crispizzas, which are served on a thin base to make them extra crispy and a healthier option than traditional deep dish pizzas.

"The favourites of The Coffee Club menu, which our customers have come to know and love, remain on offer," says Lucas. "We aren't looking to completely rewrite the book, but we think our customers will appreciate the exciting new flavours and variety our new dishes bring to the table."

By popular demand, recent promotions have earned a place in the new menu, such as the Smashed Avo and Feta with Bacon or Salmon, Pancakes Deluxe and French Toast with Maple Glazed Peaches.

To complement the newly launched menu, customers will be served their meals on a range of new crockery and glassware. "We've moved away from standard white round plates and introduced a range of shapes, sizes and darker hues to our crockery and glassware," says Lucas. "The variation gives a contemporary feel to our restaurants and cafes and has allowed our chefs some creative reign when serving up these new dishes."

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