In an effort to join the world-scale for socially and environmentally responsible coffee production, The Coffee Club has invested in one of the largest certification programs in the world - UTZ CERTIFIED (pronounced ‘ootz’!). The UTZ CERTIFIED program is the credible assurance that your coffee was produced with care for people and the environment. Since July 2009, The Coffee Club has officially guaranteed that the beans in every cup of coffee served in stores have been grown using sustainable methods.

The Coffee Club is passionate about producing coffee that is not only delicious and high quality, but eco-friendly too. Our commitment to delivering great coffee doesn't just start at the coffee machine so it's important that we continue to produce the same excellent coffee blend you've grown to love but now with an assurance for socially and environmentally responsible coffee production and sourcing, with all coffee traceable from the farm to the factory.

UTZ CERTIFIED farmers are provided with education, tools and information to ensure they can negotiate a better price for their coffee. Their workers are treated with respect and receive access to housing, clean drinking water and health services.

Unlike other certified programs that only require 30 per cent of the beans in a cup of coffee to be grown using sustainable methods, The Coffee Club is committed to its accountability, offering customers the assurance that 90 per cent or more of the beans in every cup of Excellent Coffee at The Coffee Club comes from a certified farm.

We are proud to say that our Excellent Coffee comes with added goodness and we're thrilled to be a part of this internationally renowned and forward-thinking program.

For more information on the UTZ CERTIFIED program and its Code of Conduct, visit

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