The Coffee Club Gift Cards are a perfect gift idea for friends, family and colleagues, and they can be purchased and redeemed at any of The Coffee Club stores in New Zealand. You can load the gift cards with any amount you like (minimum $10, maximum $999) and the balance of this can be checked online so that you always know how much you have left on the gift card. Gift Cards are valid for 24 months from the date of purchase.

For more information, please email our friendly team at  info@thecoffeeclub.co.nz

Check Your TCC Gift Card Balance Online

You can check the balance of your gift card at anytime using the online portal. All you need is the card number and the four digit PIN on the back of your gift card. You may also check the balance by text. The details for this are clearly displayed on the back of the gift cards. 



Order TCC Gift Cards Online

TCC Gift Cards can be ordered online and shipping is free within New Zealand. Please allow at least five working days for your order to arrive.






The Coffee Club Gift Cards can only be redeemed at The Coffee Club stores in New Zealand. Please treat the gift card as cash. It cannot be replaced if lost or stolen. The Coffee Club Gift Cards cannot be redeemed for cash, returned for a refund or exchanged. Unused balances are not refundable or transferable. The Coffee Club is not responsible for lost or stolen gift cards. Risk of loss or theft and title for The Coffee Club Gift Cards pass to the purchaser upon activation. Card value expires 24 months after purchase. No change is given and any balance that remains on the gift card can only be used against future purchases. Any balance that remains on the gift card after expiry will not be available for use.


Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I purchase and use my TCC Gift Card?

TCC Gift Cards can be purchased and used at any of The Coffee Club cafes within New Zealand.


How long do I have to use the gift card?
All TCC Gift Cards have a 24 month expiry from the date of purchase, so you have ample time to use them. The expiry date of TCC Gift Cards cannot be extended and any unused balances on expired TCC Gift Cards will be lost which are not refundable or transferrable. The Coffee Club is not responsible for any unused balances on expired TCC Gift Cards.


Can I add more money to an existing TCC Gift Card?
No. TCC Gift Cards can only be loaded once at the time of purchase. If you want to load more onto the gift card the easiest option is to simply get a new gift card.


Can I get my money refunded?
No. TCC Gift Cards are not refundable. They should be treated just like cash and kept somewhere safe until you are ready to use it.


Can I get change on my purchase?
No change is issued when using your TCC Gift Card. The balance remaining will still be on your gift card and can be used with your next purchase.


Can I use my TCC Gift Card in conjunction with my VIP card?
Yes. Your gift card is simply a method of payment and can be used with your VIP card.


How do I check the balance of my TCC Gift Card?
You can check your gift card balance at anytime using the online portal or by text. You will just need the card number and the four digit PIN on the back of your gift card. The details for this are clearly displayed on the back of the gift cards.


Can I purchase gift cards with a gift card?
No. Gift cards must be paid for using cash, debit card or credit card.


What denominations do TCC Gift Cards come in?
You can choose any value you like between $10 and $999.


If I have lost my gift card or if it’s stolen can I get a refund or replacement?
No, TCC Gift Cards should be treated just like cash and unfortunately if it is lost or stolen we are unable to refund this amount or replace the gift card with a new one.


Who do I contact if I have a problem?
If you have any problems, please call our support team on 09 304 0008 or email us at info@thecoffeeclub.co.nz

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